Franklin Group Travel, Inc      

“Creating adventures and memories"

Why us?

We at Franklin Group Travel have a personal understanding of the dynamics involved in group travel.  We aren’t just coordinators.  We were the students traveling and competing. We were the parents sending our children away on trips.  We have been the ones responsible of arranging corporate and personal family trips. We have earned our knowledge, and we would consider it a privilege to put what we know to work for you.  We know how special the experiences and memories can be from a well-planned group trip.  We have many of  our own great memories.


Franklin Group Travel takes interest in every detail. We will work closely with you to ensure the scheduling and activities are to you and your group’s satisfaction.  With a minimum of twenty guests there is no trip too short or too long for us to handle.  We will work within your budget to offer your group the best experiences possible at the best price possible.


You will not feel alone when your group travels with us.  A Franklin Group Travel escort will accompany every trip.  From toll booths to tickets, we are there to handle things in real time.


We would like to hear from you, so send us an email from our contact page.  Let us get to work on your group trip today.